Colas' Demomaking


From 1998 to 2002, I was member of two groups of demomakers: Move and Aspirine. Each of us had specific skills in 2D graphics, 3D modeling, music composition, and computer programming for making animations that are rendered in real-time.

As a coder, I developed original motion graphics effects and assembled demos with a domain-specific scriptable authoring tool. Scripts describe how to generate the content of animated layers that are rendered and composited for each frame.

This page collects all my public releases…

Breakpoint 2004 57005

This experimental animation rested in the drawers of Brioche since more than two years. Finally, we decided to release it in raw state. This demo is the last Aspirine's production. 57005 = 0xDEAD!

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0a000h 2004 Boy Meets Pixel

The first episode of a romantic soap opera in 4kb! The assembler source code and bitmaps are released for the curious and the braves.

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State of the Art 2004 Day & Night

Yet another minimalist pixel picture. The inspiration came from the artworks of Walt / Melon.

State of the Art 2002 Opium

Announced as the last demo by Move, Opium won the third place at the SOTA party. The metal music is signed by Willbe / Orion and a great part of the graphics were done by Nytrik / Cocoon.

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Dialogos 2001 Human-M

Yet another slideshow of strange effects. This demo benefits from the great static backgrounds from Anhk. The experimental music sounds quite different than the usual tunes from Med / J'ecoute.

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Take Over 2001 Antisectic

Zixaq / Ephidrena is the guest star for this demo. He tracked a stomping Drum-n-Bass tune for an already existing concept. Most of the post-production scripting was rushed at the party place.

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Take Over 2001 Destroy The Unappropriate Enemy

This demo uses the very same executable of Antisectic but interpret a different script. It was hacked with Brioche live at the party place.

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Mekka Symposium 2001 Aspirine's World

A minimalist pixel picture done with the spline curve and fill bucket tools of Microsoft Paint.

Meeting 2001 Bidoooon

This is a texture of a futuristic post-apolyptical streed inspired from a unreleased texture by Anhk. It was done for bringing some challenge against the pixel logo of Sceez's / Melting pot.

The Party 2000 Bustro

This old-school intro was hacked in two weekends. Bustro was an advertisement for the bustrip to The Party 2000. Unfortunately, the trip was canceled and we decided to show it at the party.

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The Party 2000 Mario

This array of pixels was hand drawn with Microsoft Paint during a rainy afternoon. I got the inspiration from a similar picture done by Alexkidd.

Ambiance 2000 Micron

The micron demo was the first ambitious project of Move but was unfinished. This is a big 3D fly-by featuring a fast SVGA software rendering engine with volumetric fog. Way too much time and discussions was spent for organizing this demo and our 3D artist left the group during production.

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Inscene 1999 Magnus Effect

This demo was mainly designed and coded by Brioche. I piped it with additive blitting routines and the 3D engine for the last joke part. The engine is an extension of the Active Edge List (AEL) occlusion culling algorithm used in Quacke / ID software. It is a zero-overdraw rasterization method that handles transparent surfaces.

The original party version was a open-source demo for Linux: executable and source code.

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The Party 1998 E-Powder

My first VESA 2.0 linear frame buffer true-color intro. The intro is a heterogeneous collection of classical demo effects at that time.

Wired 1998 Microworld

This 64k game is my first party contribution and it won the second place at the 100k game contest. This micromachine-like features a nice water effect, but the gameplay is quite awful.

Unreleased Lensflare

A lensflare follows the cursor of your mouse. This simple lighting effect is the best anti-stress I know. Try it yourself at work!

Unreleased Tiny water

This is the tinyest water drop effect of the world! The objective was to crunch the executable size below 128 bytes. The speed of the effect is tuned on a Pentium 90 Mhz CPU. The assembler source code is included in the archive.


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